What type of Sanitizer can I use?

LIQUID SANITIZER ONLY ! Please don't put gel in, Putting a gel sanitizer will ruin your mist. We recommend a sanitizer with %75 alcohol 

How much is enough Sanitizer? 

Move your hands over the mist until you have an evenly distributed and controlled amount of sanitizer. Cover surface of your hands (should take 3-6 seconds depending on hand size)

How do I Refill my mist? 


Check out how to refill it on youtube

Press both sides of the bottom case to remove it. Unscrew the bottle and remove the sponge stick. Pour in Liquid Sanitizer until almost full. Screw bottle back in, put sponge stick back and bottom case on. 

How to use my mist?

we made mist simple and intuitive to use. One click of the power button to Turn on; Two clicks to turn off. While the mist is on it  will mist anything it senses over it. Hands, but also feel free to sanitize your cell phone, keys, pens etc. Best application is when hands or  items are held a few inches above.